Follow Thou Me

by Utta Fessler, Gregory Sean Sanders, Kevin Fessler

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TitleFollow Thou Me
Lyrics by Kevin Fessler
TopicsSpiritual Songs
The overflowing flood coming over my head 
Righteously for strife and sin it did come in

“Go softly” the exhortation is to me
Bowed my heart to wait for my God to further lead me again 

Sackcloth my continual covering
My shoes I put off and the voice of a dear friend I hear once again...

“I am with you, says He, be strong 
Ye that hear the former prophets, 
Be strong, Be strong...

A house for my feet to rest will I make, only let me take you in a way few have been willing to take

A way of trial, temptation, loneliness and pain,
To a land not sown down under
There cast your seed and give your bread,
Open your mouth for the dumb
Blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply you 

Only give not your heart to lying vanities but wholly to me
I am your Saviour, Jesus is my name
I will declare it all over you in time of weakness 
As I refine and not refrain

With your lips do honor me and let your heart draw near unto me 
My way that I take you is perfect for I know the way you take...
"Follow thou me."

You know the way I take, You know the way I take 
Your way is perfect, Your way is perfect,

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