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TitleLine Upon Line (Live 3-13-22)
Lyrics by Brett Michalk
Music by Brett Michalk
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Hymns, 2022 Live Worship and Praise Vol. 1
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Line Upon Line 



Line up-on line pre-cept on pre-cept to one it is rest 

to another a snare teach us your know-ledge and give 

un-der-standing and raise up thy watch-men 

your doctrine to share. 

1. The truth that God hides in his word Is on-ly seen by them 

who with hu-mi-li-ty and fear and hun-ger take it in 

the stumbling blocks that God sets up to snare back-slid-den men 

are the same words that to men of truth cause them the crown to win 


2. The terror of the drunkards cup is that they’re caused to fall 

blinded, snared, broken and taken by the words that ‘pon them fall 

Oh God cause us to understand the word afore closed up 

And save us by op’ning our eyes and The scroll to eat it up 

3. The remnant of Gods heritage tho once in glorious beauty
Shall as a fading flower be and consumed hastily
Make us to sit in judg-ment seat and fill us with thy Spirit
And when we turn battle to gate LORD of hosts be our strength 

4. Your remnant Lord has gone a-stray by wine that they’ve been giv’n
The pro-phet and the priest are vain and they err in vision
A strange work, Lord and a strange act Is on the near horizon 

O May we not be found mock-ing lest we die by con-sump-tion 

5. To thy bride Oh God the book is sealed and she is fast asleep
But to us o Lord it is re-vealed cause us this path to keep
Make those that err to un-der-stand and cause deaf ears to hear
Let eyes of blind among us see that we might teach your fear. (Verse X2) 



By Brett Michalk

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