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TitleRemember Thy Maker
Lyrics by Preethi Morris
TopicsSpiritual Songs
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Remember thy Maker
Remember thy Maker O beloved 
He rides forth in chariots to set you free
He rides upon the heavens to save His anointed 
To send forth light and truth to make you see
He has chosen you to deliver you from the adversary
He has chosen you to deliver you from fear
He has chosen you to stand upon the Mountain
That His Truth would be declared to all the world 
Remember thy Maker O Beloved
He sent forth His Spirit within you
The desire of all nations is upon you
A prophet to these you must be
Remember Thy Maker O beloved 
He tied you as a belt to His own loins
Be humble O beloved and believe it
Be not proud and refuse to this bend your knee
Remember thy Maker O beloved
The knowledge of the beauty of the King
His terribleness is unto you your glory 
O let your glory praise the God of sovereign grace

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