I was born in 2001 and saved in 2012. I grew up in a false Christian home until 2011 when both of my parents were truly converted. I heard the scriptures preached but had no reality with them myself. Through the preaching of true Christians, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I was brought to realize my lost estate. After several months, I was mightily confronted by the Lord over my heart sin and driven to seek God whole heartedly for salvation. After about a week of diligent seeking after the Lord, in mercy He shone the light of his countenance upon me and I was gloriously liberated from my sins and made a new creature in Christ! And since, I’ve never been the same! Christ has become more and more precious and beautiful, and sin has become more and more vile and detestable. Bless the Lord for Jesus Christ! Oh for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemers praise! 

I am married to a godly husband, Daniel Breier, and the the Lord has blessed us with a precious son, Jordan.