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TitleThe Way of The Lord (Live 8-23-2020)
Lyrics by Carolyn Breier
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Spiritual Songs
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The Way of The Lord


1.Foes to fight and fears to face but all is well when in Thy grace.

   The way of the Lord may lead through snares:

    We shall escape with faith and prayers.


2.Steep with thorns, strait and narrow;

   With joy and gladness, yet grief and sorrow.

   The way of the Lord is chosen by few,

   But blessings be to those who do.




The way of the Lord, though rough it be, Shall lead to grace for you and me.         

My heart replies, “Yes Lord” to Thee. The way of the Lord is best for me.  



3.Against my will, against my ways,

Transformed to Thine for all my days.

This is the blessedness of God,

Though it's accomplished by the rod.


4.Our water to wine, our stones to bread,

Our spirits filled, our souls are fed.

But murmur not when grace comes slow,

For out of the rock water will flow!


5.The way of God comes oft with trials,

But faith shall crush the devil's wiles.

Though night be long and hard to endure,

Our joy shall yet come in the morn’!

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