Behold In Zion (Live 10-18-20)

by Rudy Weigand, Daniel Pursley, Taylor Clifton

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TitleBehold In Zion (Live 10-18-20)
Lyrics by Rudy Weigand
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Spiritual Songs
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Behold, in Zion, is laid by Sovereign, Sinless hands,

A Stumbling Stone, a Rock confounding man's
Self made religion, traditions, comforts, norms,
To break and shatter, these idols' lifeless forms! 


Christian ideals, established generations deep,
The church of God, content with midnight sleep
A form of godliness, our fathers' heritage,
Doctrines adorn their tombs, and we must wake this age! 




Oh Lord, cast again Thy Stumbling Stone! 

For these abominations we cry and groan! 

Purge Thy floor, with unquenchable fire

Thresh the wheat, the chaff devour, 

Loose the winds and latter shower 

This is the saving and offending hour! 


You search the scriptures, eternal life would fain to share;

House built on sand, grasping verses here and there 

Shallow conclusions, limit the scope that God has planned,

Spanning millennia, only wise will understand! 


Prophetic telling is not for proud, impatient men,

Who prayerlessly and curiously rush in 
To handle holy things, so God seals up His law,

Midst divine parables, and mystery and awe! 


Though truth, unshaken, will never sway or move with time,

Will you allow, for God to change His mind?
When generations fall short through faith's delinquency,

Sovereign salvific power will recast prophecy! 


What deep conversion, must be required this God to know?

What casting off, all wisdom from below!
Lest you, as Pharisees, offend and be offended by,
This perfect Stumbling Stone, through which our God draws nigh! 


Behold, the last days, shall be a great falling away.

Saints once secure, forsook and lost their faith.

Their fall is greater, damnation more severe,
For greater promises demand a greater fear! 


Will you, presumptuous- think you can never ever fall?

You love the Lord, assured He is your all,
But when He cometh, what if He's not as you expect?

Will you refuse Him, hard ways and words reject? 


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