Habakkuk 3 Meditaion Poem (live 9-29-19)

by Rudy Weigand, Sophie Tostle, Daniel Pursley

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TitleHabakkuk 3 Meditaion Poem (live 9-29-19)

Habakkuk 3 KJV

Lyrics by Rudy Weigand
Music by Sophie Tostle, Daniel Pursley
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Spiritual Songs

Poem Adaptation of Habakkuk 3 written by Rudy Wiegand. Music by Sophie Trostle Additional Music and arrangement by Daniel Pursley

1. Look ye people; be com-manded Wonder at what pro-phets see. Earth a-nd time will soon be end-ed, Gaze u-pon e-ter-ni-ty!

2. God-Creator! Judge-Sustainer; Looks upon, with blazing eye His own chosen, well-loved creatures, Some must live, and some must die!

3. Known before the world’s foun-dation, So enriched with WORD Divine, Blood-bought heirs of Christ’s sal-vation Red-sea baptized; desert fire refined.

4. Then from Edom, terror shining, Thunder roars and nature flees, Mountains run like rams stampeding; God Himself descends and speaks!

5. Fiery law, all proud flesh humbles Saints bow low, ten thousands strong. Holiest man, exceeding, trembles; All the earth resounds with song!

6. Sinai’s magnificent glory, At its best, a shadow, mere; See, aghast, prophetic story – God again shall re-appear!

7. Not this time a kind law-giver, No school-master, shepherd, friend, But in wrath to judge forever – Vengeance falls, the world to end!

8. Nations driven all asunder, Horns proceeding from His hand; Threshing heathen in His anger, Oceans lifting up their hands.

9. Rebels yet will not surrender; What they’ve sown must finally reap – Winepress trod a holy terror, Blood as horses’ bridles deep.

10. Sun and moon, ashamed pay homage. Purer light, their awe require. Saints assume their habitation On mingled sea of glass and fire.

11. God again shall come from Te-man From Paran shall glory rise; Blood-stained garments red as crimson – Day of vengeance in His eyes!

12. Trembling seizes thus upon me Rotten bones and breaking chest – That I, meek, entreat His mercy: In the day of trouble rest.

13. For salvation of His people For the year of His redeemed, I will welcome judgments fearful; Leap on high with feet of hind!

14. For in wrath thou wilt remember Mercy in the midst of years. Faithfulness, unfailing ever, Praise, triumphant, e’en through tears!

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