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TitleHope Arise
TopicsSpiritual Songs
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Hope Arise
What is my hope if it be here?
Could it then cast out all my fear?
Oh let it Lord arise to thee!
And let your peace take hold of me!
For trials and temptations hard
Can leave my soul wounded and marred,
If my hope be not in thy Son,
Then there's no vict'ry to be won.
Shall I keep hope here by my side?
Shall it not in my Christ abide?
Nay, but let it rise up to thee!
And let thy joy return to me!
In trials dark I see Thy face:
You send your Spirit and your grace;
When storm clouds gather in the air,
You say, "Be still for I am here."
I look to Him who is all three,
Who's called Faith, Hope and Charity.
He whispers in this child's ear,
"Purgings are light when I am near."
I bow myself to thy just rod,
In purgings still I give thee laud,
For only you can make me white,
And cleanse my sin that grieves thy sight!
Heaven's my hope and it I await,
With patience I run unto its gate;
This world is not but ash and dust,
And in it I shall never trust!
So purge me now till YOU I find,
And wash me now - my heart and mind.
Lead me gently till thee I see,
Till all my hope is found in thee.
Praise God he's faithful to me,
Though just a wretch and worm I be!
I don't deserve thy loving hand,
To lead me to the promise land.
I climb these steps to heaven's door,
Till I land safely on thy shore:
Though flesh will tremble at the height,
You teach me still that hope's not sight.
My hope's in my expected end,
For this life now will just offend.
My faith I put in Him who died,
Then rose above to God's right side!
So now I sing of thy great way!
In how you never let me stray!
Your faithful to my soul, to keep,
And send me through these billows deep!
Though toil and temptations come,
You'll give me a feast - not just crumb!
Abundantly Your mercies bless,
Help me to never hope in less!
When all our Faith and Hope shall pass
Thy love shall ever hold us fast!
Thy boundless Charity for aye,
Shall bind us through eternal days!
Hope arise,
Hope arise,
Let Hope arise up to thee!
Faith arise,
Faith arise,
Let Faith arise up to thee!
Faith arise,
Hope arise,
Let our Faith and Hope arise!
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