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TitleNot By Might
TopicsSpiritual Songs
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Not by might

Nor by power

But by Thy Spirit


Who art thou?

O great mountain

Thou shalt be made a plain


Verse 1

Many labour in their own might to build God's House

Through flesh and vain glory, their hearts unveil

But what saith the Lord?

He shall lay the foundations

By His Hand through His prophets

Shall He finish His work


The End of Days loom

When God shall make an end of all things

And His glory in the earth revealed

The Gentile Church shall be purified through the Great Tribulation

The saints shall be purified, made white, and tried

When at last, the Bridegroom shall receive unto Himself a beautiful Bride

When at last, He shall receive a beautified Bride




Verse 2

Two shall arise, clothed in sackloth

Not esteemed by men,  but chosen of God

Full of pow'r from the Almighty 

To prophesy and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom

Provoking the Jews to jealousy and the closing in of the Gentile Church

When they shall finish their testimony

Overcome by the Beast

They shall ascend into the heavens

For their enemies to behold




Verse 3

The antichrist shall arise

With His hosts from the bottomless pit

Many shall wonder at the power and the authority given him

"Who is able to make war against him?" say the people

Christ who'll soon return in the clouds of glory

Besieging the earth to take vengeance on all who obey Him not

The Kingdoms of the earth shall become our Lord's

Trading down Babylon the Great and His hosts

He shall reign supreme with His resurrected and glorified saints

He shall reign supreme with His resurrected saints


Chorus x2


Not by might

Nor by power


But by the Spirit of the Lord

Tempo (bpm)N/A

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