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TitleThe Lion of Judah (Live 8-9-2020)
Lyrics by Jake Gardner
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Hymns
Played live during a Sunday Assembly on the Lord's day 8-9-2020.
Daniel Pursley - Guitar and vocal
Sean Sanders - Piano 
Taylor Clifton - Guitar and backing vocal
Brett Michalk - Cymbals and Percussion

The Lion of Judah

All praise to the Lion of Judah! From the prey I see thee rise, As the Lion’s Whelp,
To mountain in the skies!

The praise of Thy brethren be! How thy Father’s children bow — Taking the book,
They own Thee now!

All Praise be to the Lamb! Who the Lion also is, Fulfilling all His word, Wiping as well all tears!

Praise becomes Thee more! Prevailing o’er Thy foes, Thy people’s still the same; Worthy: the book disclose!

Our praise on Thee bestow! For who like Thee hast been, Partaker of flesh and blood, Tempted, yet without sin!

We’ll praise Thee without time! For timeless thou hast been, Thou hast the dew of youth, And shalt be of days Ancient!

Who shall be praised like Thee! Seated among thy brethren, Son of God, and David’s son: Thou art above all men!

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