We Are Going To The Scaffold (Live 7-3-22)

by Cory Mclaughlin, Daniel Pursley

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TitleWe Are Going To The Scaffold (Live 7-3-22)
Lyrics by Cory Mclaughlin
TopicsCongregational Worship & Praise, Hymns, 2022 Live Worship and Praise Vol. 1
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We Are Going To The Scaffold

1. We are going to the scaffold we're marching to our song.

We are going to the gallows we're marching side by side.

For we've tasted of our sentence as we press toward glory land.

When crucified we shall be our life in Christ well heed!


2. Oh, worthy is the Lamb to serve him in our death. 

Let the billows come over our heads let fires of perils come.

To resist the devils advance we will walk in Christ alone!

And to our God be the glory in the cross our boasting we!


'Til our lives be wrought in Thee God, until death our joy shall bring!

Until heaven our eyes shall see, then well sing to our great king!


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